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Offerings / Sample Menus

Seasonal Offerings / Sample Menus:

Our menu changes seasonally so that we can offer our clients the freshest locally sourced produce and meat.  Here at Dishin’ It, our goal is to create the freshest organic foods for you and your family.  Our promise to you, our client, is to source locally, whenever possible.  We offer organic food when its available to us.  Our produce comes from local farmers markets during the months when its available.  Our meats come from local butchers who thoughtfully and humanely treat the animals.

Sample menu 1: The Mediterranean Buffet

Experience a culinary journey and enjoy the best that Italian cuisine has to offer.

This package includes:

  • Appetizer buffet with antipasti variations such as marinated tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers
  • Selection of various typical Italian fish and meat dishes
  • Risotto and pasta creations
  • A selection of the finest Italian desserts

Sample menu 2: Classic French

If French cuisine is more to your taste

 This package includes:

  • Appetizers with variations on stuffed mushrooms and creamed leeks on a baguette
  • Selection of classically prepared fish, fowl and meats and beautifullly prepared vegetables
  • Classic French desserts or a selection of wine and cheese

Interested in our catering packages?

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